How To Create Easy Jelly Horizontal Gradient Nails

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on August 24 2022

Hey Beauties!

We're back with another easy nail art look with jelly nail polishes! This time we'll be using the Sparkling Seas Quartet. In our last post, How To Create Easy Jelly Rainbow Vertical Gradient Nails, we talked about the process of creating vertical gradients in nail polish designs with jelly or sheer nail polishes. Today, I'd like to show you how to create a horizontal gradient.

BLUSH Lacquers Sparkling Seas Quartet in a horizontal gradient manicure

I call this a horizontal gradient because the color gradation is moving in an upward color progression (from cuticle to nail tip) with horizontal lines of color. So, the color sections are wide and short instead of long and lean. When doing this type of gradient with jelly or sheer nail polishes, it's easy to just blend them on the nail in a similar way that we did the vertical gradient. However, if you choose to use opaque polishes, I recommend using a sponge-on method (post coming soon!).

To recreate this look, start by applying one coat of 'Riptide Reflection' on all nails and let dry. Apply a second coat of 'Riptide Reflection' and while it is still mostly wet and blendable, apply one coat of 'Turquoise Seas' starting two-thirds of the way down the nail. Gently blend the the line where the two colors meet with the tip of your nail polish brush. While still wet, apply one coat of 'Islamorada' to the top third of the nail. Again, gently blend the line where 'Islamorada' starts. 

BLUSH Lacquers Sparkling Seas Quartet in a horizontal gradient manicure

I find that it's best to do this process quickly before everything dries (Except for the very first coat of 'Riptide Refection' which should be completely dry before continuing.). If you still have a little bit of a harsh line from the color gradation, but don't want to apply more nail polish, apply a glossy top coat before the manicure dries to smooth out the color lines.

The key here, is to use thinner layers. As you can see, you will be applying multiple layers of nail polish without letting each individual layer dry first. If you do really thick coats, this will turn into a goopy mess. Keep your coats thin. If you are wanting a greater depth of color, apply an additional thin layer of the color you are wanting to deepen instead of using one thick layer. Keeping layers thin makes the polishes easier to blend and also creates a cleaner and more crisp manicure.

Once you are happy with the color gradation, apply one coat of 'Mermaid Scales' to all nails and top with a glossy top coat!

Just look at that sparkle!

BLUSH Lacquers Sparkling Seas Quartet in a horizontal gradient manicure

Have you tried creating horizontal gradients in your manicures? Let us know your tips & tricks or if you have any issues below!

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