How To Apply 'Matterial Girl' Matte Top Coat In An Icy Winter Mani!

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on February 20 2022

Hey Beauties!

Have you ever wondered what is the perfect way to apply our 'Matterial Girl' Matte Top Coat? We've got an easy application technique that will not only make your matte mani have a greater matte effect, but also help it last longer!

The first step in creating a long lasting mani is to make sure your nails are clean and free from dirt and oils. Take off any old nail polish with a nail polish remover and swipe your nails with a lint-free cotton pad and rubbing alcohol to remove any extra oils. Next apply your favorite base coat.

After your nails are prepped and ready to go, pick out your nail color. I wanted to create an icy winter look and chose 'The Suitor'. This is a fun icy blue metallic shade with hints of tarnished silver that looks great with a glossy or matte top coat! You'll get to see it both ways! I also think it's a great shade to wear in winter or spring. I applied two coats of 'The Suitor' for this mani.

Icy blue metallic nail polish, The Suitor with a glossy top coat

Pictured: Two coats of 'The Suitor' with 1 coat of a quick dry glossy top coat.

Now, here's the secret to creating a long-lasting and beautifully mattifying matte mani:

After you've applied your nail polish color, apply a clear glossy top coat of choice (preferably a quick dry top coat, but it can be any glossy top coat).

Yes! You read that right, apply a glossy top coat first! It sounds funny, because we are creating a manicure with a matte finish and not a glossy one, but adding the glossy top coat really helps to protect and extend the life of your mani. We've also found (through some testing of our own) that the matte top coat dries down to a more matte finish when applied over a glossy top coat. I don't know the mechanics of why that is, but maybe, because the glossy top coat creates a sort of barrier between the color and the matte top coat? Either way, don't skip this step! 

So, you've got your glossy top coat applied and the last step is to apply a coat of 'Matterial Girl' Matte Top Coat to finish it off. I absolutely love the effect it creates with these metallic shades. It reminds me of brushed metal and I think it's so beautiful!

The final product:

Icy blue metallic nail polish, The Suitor with a matte top coat

Is this how you apply your matte top coat? Have you tried this technique? Let us know below!

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