2022 Summer Look Book

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on August 17 2022

Hey Beauties!

Welcome to the 2022 Summer Look Book! I've created 6 different looks this season using some of my favorite summer shades. If you follow us on Instagram, stay tuned for short reels of each of these looks! Let's begin!

1. Peachy-Coral Gradient Nails

Peachy Coral Summer Gradient Nails with Peaches and Peonies, Darling Dahlia and Pickin Poppies

I love sponged on gradient manicures almost as much as I love skittle manicures! They are slightly more difficult and require a little more than just your bottle of nail polish, but the effects are gorgeous! I started with two coats of 'Peaches & Peonies' as my base color. I then applied one stroke each of 'Peaches & Peonies', 'Darling Dahlia' and 'Pickin' Poppies' to a make-up sponge. I applied each color right beside the other on the sponge so that they blended slightly on the sponge itself. I then pressed the sponge to my nails repeatedly until I was satisfied with the gradation. I applied two layers of the sponged on gradient and then topped with a glossy top coat!

2. Negative Space Neons

Negative Space Neon Manicure with Carnival Glass, Twilight and Fireworks

I've wanted to try this look out for a while, after seeing similar looks floating around on Instagram. While my squiggles still need a bit of work, I was pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out! I applied two coats of 'Carnival Glass' to the thumb, index finger and pinky. Then, I applied two coats of 'Fireworks' to the middle and ring fingers. I put a couple of drops of 'Carnival Glass' and 'Twilight' on a small piece of aluminum foil and then dipped a thin nail art brush into them and drew the individual squiggly marks across the middle and ring fingers. I finished by topping everything with a glossy top coat!

3. Purple & Gold Nails

Easy purple and gold nails with Grape Barrier Reef and Bangles and Beachballs

Looking for an easy summer manicure with a wow factor? Check out 'Grape Barrier Reef' topped with 'Bangles & Beachballs'! Easy-peasy, I did three coats of 'Grape Barrier Reef' to get a nice deep purple color and then topped with one coat of 'Bangles & Beachballs' followed by a glossy topcoat. The sparkle on this is crazy! I never used to add toppers to non-creme polishes (like shimmers, holographics, flakes, etc.) but it's something I've been playing around with lately and I love the effect. What do you think?

4. Cleopatra Nails

Turquoise and gold tips with Bungalow Breeze and 24k Coast

Inspired by last seasons Rose Gold Tips looks, I wanted to try a summer version. Here I applied one coat of 'Bungalow Breeze' and sponged '24k Coast' onto the tips. I'm not sure why when I intend to sponge something onto the tips of my fingernails, I end up going halfway down the nail, but I always do. I think I get a little over zealous with my sponge technique. Either way, I love the combo. I almost get Cleopatra vibes from it. Anyone planning on being Cleopatra for Halloween this year, ear mark this mani!

5. Electric Love Skittle

Electric Love Skittle Manicure

You know I can't do a look book without doing a skittle manicure! When I created the Electric Love collection, I totally envisioned it being a skittle manicure. This is a manicure I keep on rotation every summer and each time I wear it, I fall in love all over again with it! Also, it's super easy! I applied two coats of 'Plastic Hearts' to the thumb. Two coats of 'Lovestruck' to the index finger. Two coats of 'High Voltage' to the middle finger. Two coats of 'Ocean Eyes' to the ring finger and two coats of 'Heartbreaker' to the pinky. After all nails were dry, I applied one coat of 'Lightning In A Bottle' over each fingernail and then topped with a glossy top coat. You get lots of pops of color plus sparkle and shimmer!

6. Poppin' Neons

BLUSH Lacquers Venetian Blinds topped with Glowstick for a bright neon look

Quite honestly, what is summer without a really bright neon manicure? Not summer at all, of course! 'Glowstick' is naturally a really bright neon, but I wanted to up the ante and really make it pop. So, here's a little trick. I applied one coat of 'Venetian Blinds' and then applied one coat of 'Glowstick'. Having a white base color before applying the neon color really makes the neon pop even brighter than on it's own. Have you tried this trick before? As always, don't forget to finish with your favorite glossy top coat!

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