2022 Spring Look Book

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on April 11 2022

Photo by Alexandru Tudorache on Unsplash

Hey Beauties!

Welcome to the 2022 Spring Look Book! I've created 8 different looks this season using sparkling sheers and pastel shades perfect for spring. If you follow us on Instagram, stay tuned for short reels tutorials of these looks later this week! Let's begin!

1. Pretty In Peach

BLUSH Lacquers Peaches And Peonies Topped With Lightning In A Bottle

'Peaches & Peonies' topped with 'Lightning In A Bottle'

You've probably already seen this one, but I'm starting with it because it's the look that started the whole idea of having a seasonal look book! As I was writing the 2022 Spring Trend Nail Polish Report, this mani idea came to me. It is quintessentially spring and seriously, every time I wear it, I fall in love. I'm obsessed!

2. Yellow Flowers

BLUSH Lacquers Chiffon Rose and Unbridled and Pale Palomino in a dotted yellow flower manicure
BLUSH Lacquers Chiffon Rose with flowers of Unbridled and Pale Palomino close up

'Chiffon Rose' on the index and middle fingers with 'Pale Palomino' on the thumb, ring finger and flower centers and 'Unbridled' on the pinky finger and for the flower petals.

Dainty and delicate, I love using 'Chiffon Rose' as a base for nail art! I dotted on the flowers with a dotting tool (you could also use a toothpick) and then painted the other three fingers in 'Pale Palomino' and 'Unbridled' for a little more interest.

3. Sparkling Pastel Vertical Gradient

BLUSH Lacquers Underwater Odyssey collection in a sparkling vertical gradient mani.

Underwater Odyssey Collection. Thumb is wearing 'Sunken Treasure' and 'Crustacean'. Index finger is wearing 'Crustacean' and 'Sea Pony'. Middle finger is wearing 'Sea Pony' and 'Scuba'. Ring finger is wearing 'Scuba' and 'The Crystal Sea'. Pinky finger is wearing 'The Crystal Sea' and 'Waves of Glass'.

Wow, this manicure was so easy! Literally, no special tools needed, just the nail polishes! Swipe one stroke of your first color onto one side of the nail and while it is still wet, swipe your next color right beside it. You can even overlap the colors a little bit so that they blend naturally. You will probably need to repeat this process a total of 2-3 times to get a good color pay off and beautiful blending.

4. Barely There Mani

BLUSH Lacquers Sea Pony in one coat.

'Sea Pony' in one coat.

I came across this one kind of by accident while working out another manicure (see below!). But honestly, it's just too pretty not to share. If you aren't wearing 'Sea Pony' in just one coat, you are missing out! It's delicate, it's sparkly and adds just a hint of pink that screams spring! 

5. Rose Gold Tips

BLUSH Lacquers Sea Pony with Flirtation Rose Gold Tips

1 coat of 'Sea Pony' with sponged on rose gold tips in 'Flirtation'.

THIS. You need this in your life! Talk about spring. Talk about classy feminine style. If you are a rose gold girl, you will not be disappointed in this one! On paper, these two really shouldn't look this good together. 'Sea Pony' is a cool toned pink holographic and 'Flirtation' is a warm coppery rose gold metallic. Those shouldn't look good together, but they do! I think since 'Sea Pony' is only done in one coat here, it doesn't show up very cool on the nail and takes on some of the warmth of 'Flirtation'. If you really don't like warm tones, I would also recommend trying this mani with 'Attraction', 'Flirtation's' cooler toned mauve-y pink sister.

6. Cinderella Nails

BLUSH Lacquers True Love topped with The Nutcracker Prince and Glass Slipper in beautiful cinderella inspired nails.
BLUSH Lacquers True Love topped with The Nutcracker Prince and Glass Slipper for Cinderella inspired nails close up

'True Love' as a base on all fingers. 'Glass Slipper' topper added to the index, middle and pinky fingers. 'The Nutcracker Prince' sponged on the tips of the middle and pinky fingers and as a full accent nail on the ring finger.

I did a different version of these Cinderella nails earlier in the year with only 'True Love' and 'Glass Slipper', but I needed more sparkle! I brought in 'The Nutcracker Prince' for some extra glitz and glamour and a full accent nail. Now you'll really feel like a princess!

7. Pastel Skittle Mani

BLUSH Lacquers Candy Heart Cremes in a pastel skittle manicure.

Candy Heart Cremes Collection. Thumb is wearing 'Be Mine'. Index finger is wearing 'As If'. Middle finger is wearing 'Angel'. Ring finger is wearing 'You & Me'. Pinky finger is wearing 'True Love'.

A classic in my opinion! Every season needs a good skittle mani and this is my go-to. It never gets old. I didn't use 'Kiss Me', but if you took out 'Be Mine' and moved the colors down a finger you could add it after 'True Love'. Or, you know, just put them in any order you like! By the way, it's also the perfect Easter mani! Don't those colors just remind you of coloring Easter eggs?

8. Flower Accent Nail

BLUSH Lacquers You and Me with a white dotted flowers
BLUSH Lacquers Candy Heart Cremes with white flower accent nail

Dotted flowers with 'Venetian Blinds'.

I just couldn't leave the skittle mani alone and had to add some cute dotted flowers. I only added an accent nail of flowers on my ring finger, but, this would look super cute if you added white flowers to all of your fingers as well! (Maybe next time!)

Which mani are you going to wear?

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