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Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on June 25 2022

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Hey Beauties!

I've got some exciting news to share with you! BLUSH Lacquers has made it's first official appearance in a magazine! We were mentioned in the June 2022 issue of Indianapolis Monthly!

If you don't live in Indiana, then you might not know the magazine, but it is pretty popular around here. They are touted as Indianapolis' "authoritative general interest magazine" with articles on everything from new restaurants to sports games, local celebrities, culture, fashion, beauty, business and everything in-between. It's been around since 1977 (originally under the name Indianapolis Home and Garden) and they have over 209,000 monthly readers!*

Needless to say, when I was contacted by one of their editorial interns, in April 2022, I was super excited! Since I'm originally from Ohio, I had to ask my husband (a local Hoosier) if he thought this was really legitimate. He assured me that it was. I just felt (and still do feel) so blessed that BLUSH was even on anyone's radar for this article.

I was asked about what nail polish colors I would recommend for summer and you can view my picks here. (Hint: I love a good neon or bright color for summer!) Not only did my quote and color choices get put in the magazine, but there's also a photo of my nail polishes! It's pretty cool to see my nail polishes that I've labored over for 6 years get recognized by one of Indiana's largest and most popular magazines.

While the article isn't on their website to read for free (at the time of writing this), you can purchase a digital copy through the Indianapolis Monthly App (iPhone) or if you're local to Indianapolis, you can pick up a print copy. We're on page 32! By the way, if you DO live in Indianapolis, you should totally check out Tuggle's Gifts & Goods, you can shop select BLUSH Lacquers shades in person!

If you've read our very first blog post, (This Week At BLUSH: October 11th, 2021), you know that I have a background in photography and that a goal of mine was to shoot for fashion magazines and have my work featured in Vogue and Vanity Fair. And while I did not do the photography for this article, having my nail polishes appearing and being mentioned in a major magazine feels a little bit like accomplishing that goal.

After this magazine issue came out, my husband and I were talking about how between the two of us, we've made appearances on television, radio, internet and print (magazine, newspaper, etc.). We likened it to celebrities getting an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony). Except we figured out that there was one category of media that we were missing, and that was movies and film. Neither of us or our products have been in a film or movie and we decided that we need to go for the whole TRIMP (television, radio, internet, movies, print). So, I'm just throwing this out there, if you know of anyone (director, producer, set designer, etc.) that wants to put BLUSH Lacquers in their movie or film, possibly a nail polish product placement type of deal, email me at info@blushlacquers.com with the subject "Movie Placement". Help us get our TRIMP! :)

*Information from Indianapolis Monthly About Page



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