This Week At BLUSH: October 11th, 2021

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on October 11 2021

Featured: Cold Shoulder Cardigan

Hey Beauties!

It's Victoria at BLUSH Lacquers. Welcome to our first ever blog post and a short introduction to some great things to come! I've had a lot of fun ideas lately for BLUSH and starting a blog is one of them. Creating beautiful art is another...

This week at BLUSH, my husband and I did a fun little photoshoot with the newest collection, Harvest Festival. We are both artists having backgrounds in still photography and video. He wanted to be a famous director and I wanted to shoot for the cover of magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair. We each never got the opportunity and I thought - Why not make our own opportunities?

We took A LOT of photos, but I'll share just a few of my favorite and more "artsy" ones here. Check out our Instagram feed & stories for even more photos from the day @blushlacquers .

This one right here gives me all the feels! I know the product is fuzzy, but I love the focus on the dried flowers and the little pops of orange you get from my nails and the amber ring.

This Week At BLUSH Lacquers - Cold Shoulder Cardigan with FlowersFeatured: Cold Shoulder Cardigan

Flat lays are difficult for me sometimes, but I really love the way this one turned out. 'Favorite Flannel Shirt' really pops against the cozy sweater, delicate Queen Anne's Lace and the yellow petals of the Black Eyed Susans.

This Week At BLUSH Lacquers - Favorite Flannel Shirt Queen Annes Lace and Black Eyed SusansFeatured: Favorite Flannel Shirt

Another flat lay (because, why not?), this time with Caramel Candy Corn. We found these cute little puffs of fluff on our property and I love the texture they add to the photo.

This Week At BLUSH Lacquers - Caramel Candy Corn and SweaterFeatured: Caramel Candy Corn

A little blurry? Sure. A little out of focus? Maybe. But I love the motion in this photograph. It was windy and we didn't have a tripod. Some might call it less than perfect, but for me it's got a dreamy sort of, lost in the meadow sort of feel to it.

This Week At BLUSH Lacquers - Gourds And Hayrides in the MeadowFeatured: Gourds And Hayrides (Green), S'mores Please (Brown) 

I'm adding this next one because the lighting was just perfect. Standing in a corn field, we kept getting these beautiful peaks of light poking through the corn stalks intermingled with darker shadowy areas. I'm a fan of this type of contrasting lighting because it feels so mysterious. I get all the "old hollywood" vibes from this!

This Week At BLUSH Lacquers - Blazing Bonfire and Corn StalkFeatured: Blazing Bonfire

Lastly, I'm adding this fun little "peek-a-boo" photo. I really wanted to do something with the polish in my pocket and this is what we came up with. It looks like 'Cinnamon Spiced Cider' is ready to go with you anywhere!

This Week At BLUSH Lacquers - Cinnamon Spiced Cider in the PocketFeatured: Cinnamon Spiced Cider

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we came up with. I've got a lot of ideas for blog posts moving forward, but what do you want to hear about from BLUSH Lacquers? Comment below and let us know!

All photos copyright BLUSH Lacquers

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