2021/2022 Winter Nail Polish Trend Report

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on January 08 2022

Photo by Darius Cotoi on Unsplash

Hey Beauties!

It's finally getting chilly here in Indiana. We're having flurries and single degree temperatures! It's not my favorite type of weather, but I definitely love a good winter inspired mani! I personally, love to wear dark and jewel toned shades for winter. It's partly why I created the Storybook collection!

But, I wanted to know what our fans and fellow nail polish addicts like to wear too! So, I recently asked our Instagram followers what colors they love to wear during this snowy season. I received an array of answers, but they fell into two distinct categories:

1. Blue and Purple Shades
2. Glittery, Sparkly, Ethereal Shades (Check out our Holographics section for your sparkle fix!)

I've even complied a special collection combining my top picks out of the above two categories:  2021/2022 Winter Nail Polish Trend Report

I love looking at them this way because I really get all the winter feels from seeing a combination of the two groups. There are the dark and dramatic colors like 'Anchors Aweigh' and 'Faraway Kingdom' mixed in with light and airy sparkle shades like 'The Nutcracker Prince' and 'The Crystal Sea'. You've got cremes like 'Twilight' and 'Something Blue' and much more intricate and complex shades like 'Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of' and 'The Mouse King'. I feel like there is a really good mix of different shades to fit different wardrobe styles, feelings and events.

Blue is a terrific color to wear because it almost becomes a neutral, especially in the darker, navy shades. In America, we love to wear our jeans, which are blue, and I think that is why blue feels almost like a neutral shade to me. We wear jeans with everything and any color of top and it works. I feel that way about blue nail polish too and I love to see it as a trending color this season!

Of course, I'll never say no to sparkle. Being a former ballroom dancer, I'm all about the sparkle. At first, I was a little surprised to see glittery and sparkly shades as a wintertime favorite, but after a little contemplating, I get it. First off, we've got sparkly holidays in the winter (Christmas, New Years Eve, Valentine's Day) and lots of fun parties to attend. Secondly, the winter can be dark and depressing (anyone else deal with seasonal depression?). The days are short and cold and you feel like the only thing there is to do is sleep. But, adding a little glitter, adding a little sparkle to your life (even if it's only on your nails) can really brighten those dreary winter days.

What's on your nails this winter?

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