Marin Bering

  • $13.00

Marin Bering - Sea Water Shimmers Part II Collection


Marin Bering is a dusty dark mauve pink base with an orange to gold shifting shimmer and shifts of green at extreme angles.

*Marin Bering is a sister polish to Fin Swirl from our 2016 Sea Water Shimmers Collection.

Opaque in 2-3 coats.

Marin Bering was named by Rebekah H. from our BLUSH Beauties Facebook Group.

The Sea Water Shimmers Part II Collection is a sequel collection to our popular 2016 release, Sea Water Shimmers. The collection is inspired by how I would imagine mermaid tails to look against murky waters. It is a moody palette of dusty base colors with bright sparkling shimmers.

Swatches by @nailartsakura, @nailpolishsociety, @dsetterfield74, @thepolishedmage, @queenofnails83, @manicuremanifesto, @streetsaheadstyle and @pamperedpolishes


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