What's A Pre-Order? Pre-Ordering FAQ For BLUSH Lacquers

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on January 23 2023

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Hey Beauties!

We’re making some changes here at BLUSH Lacquers in regards to our new releases and restocks. Previously, we would release new collections with stock that was already made up and ready to ship. We have decided to move our new releases and restocks to a pre-order release schedule to better help us evaluate inventory and carry the things you want most! I’ve put together this handy little guide to explain our pre-order process. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@blushlacquers.com

What Is A Pre-Order?

A pre-order is an order that you place before our stock is made up and ready to ship. I make up the prototype nail polish and use it as a tester bottle and in our marketing and promotional materials. Once your order is placed, we keep a record of how many bottles of each color are sold so that we know exactly how many bottles to make up. This helps us waste less of our supplies and products while still providing you with the colors that you love and want most.

Why Should I Pre-Order? Can I Just Wait Until The Actual Release?

While pre-ordering may seem a little unnecessary and maybe even a little intimidating, it is the option we would most recommend if you see a color or product you like and it is marked *PRE-ORDER*. We are using the pre-ordering process to not only release new colors and products, but also to test how popular new colors and products are.

For example, if we release a new shade or product and it gets zero pre-orders, we might extend the pre-order a little longer or completely get rid of the color or product altogether. There is no guarantee that a pre-order will become a regular stock item. Pre-orders will only become regular stock items if people are actually purchasing during the pre-order period. This is why we recommend purchasing during the pre-order period for items marked *PRE-ORDER*.

As long as someone has placed at least one order for a specific color or product of a pre-order item, we will make up the exact amount for the pre-order plus a set amount of extras to put as ready to ship stock after the pre-order is over. The exact amount of extras for ready to ship stock will vary and be determined on how well the pre-order does. Any future restocks will be evaluated on a per-item basis determined by interest and ingredient supply.

If you find something you really love and it is marked *PRE-ORDER* please, pre-order during the pre-order period. We cannot guarantee that it will make it to our regular stock catalog or that you will be able to order it after the pre-order period.

How Do I Pre-Order?

Pre-ordering is as easy as placing a regular order! To see our items for pre-order, select the pre-order tab (or they may be listed on the main homepage as well). Add to cart any items marked *PRE-ORDER* that you would like to pre-order. Check out and pay as normal. You will still receive a confirmation email for your pre-order.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Pre-Order?

This will vary based on the pre-order, but most pre-orders will be about two weeks long. The date listed in the pre-order listing will show the ship by date for that specific pre-order. Pre-orders will ship by the listed ship by date. In some rare cases, pre-orders may ship prior to the listed ship-by date.

What About Pre-Orders That Have Been Extended?

Pre-orders will only be extended if:

1. (Most Likely) There have been zero pre-orders for a specific color or product, but we still love it and want to give it another chance.

Note: Pre-Orders that have received zero pre-orders will not be extended more than one time.

2. (Very Unlikely) There is an issue with our ingredient supplier and we are unable to get the ingredients that we need by the ship by date.

Note: Prior to setting up pre-orders, we check with all of our ingredient suppliers to make sure that the ingredients we need to fulfill the pre-orders are in stock. However, some things cannot be avoided (such as weather disasters, unforeseen shipping delays, etc.). In this case, if you have already pre-ordered, you will be notified by email of the new ship by date and you will have the option to keep your pre-order or cancel for a full refund.

Can I Cancel A Pre-Order?

Yes, you can cancel your pre-order and receive a full refund as long as it is before the ship by date listed on the listing AND you have not received a shipping notification. You will also have the option to cancel your pre-order in the unlikely event that the ship by date gets extended due to unforeseen circumstances.

Can I Add To An Existing Pre-Order?

Yes, you may add to an existing pre-order as long as it is before the listed ship by date on the listing AND you have not received a shipping notification. To do this, place a separate order with the items you would like to add to your first pre-order. After placing that order, please contact us at info@blushlacquers.com to notify us that you would like to add to an existing pre-order. We will manually combine orders on our end and refund any shipping overage charges that are greater than $1 (USD). Shipping overage charges will be refunded when you order is shipped.

Can I Remove Items From An Existing Pre-Order?

Yes, you may remove items from an existing pre-order as long as it is before the listed ship by date on the listing AND you have not received a shipping notification. To do this, please contact us at info@blushlacquers.com to notify us which items you would like removed from your existing pre-order. We will remove them manually on our end and refund any product charges minus any additional shipping charges you may accrue. (Example: You had free shipping, but once you remove a product, you no longer meet the free shipping requirement and owe shipping.)

I Didn’t Pre-Order A (Color/Product) And Now I Can’t Find It, Will It Ever Be Back?

Most likely, the answer is no. Pre-order items that received zero pre-orders will either have their pre-order extended to give it more time to receive orders or will be taken off from our catalog altogether. However, you may request we bring the item back by contacting us at info@blushlacqers.com

What Happens If I Place An Order That Includes Both Pre-Order And Ready To Ship Items?

If you place an order that contains both pre-order and ready to ship items (non-pre-order items), all items in the order will ship together by the ship by date listed in the pre-order listings. If you are wanting your ready to ship items sooner, we recommend placing an order with only pre-order items and then a separate order with ready to ship items. Ready to ship items will be processed and shipped out within our normal 1-3 business days. Pre-order items will be processed and shipped out by the ship by date listed in the pre-order listing.

You can read more about our shipping & order processing times here.



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