Top 5 Nail Polishes Of 2021!

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on December 31 2021

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Hey Beauties!

It's the end of 2021 and the start of 2022. What a perfect time to round up our best-selling and most loved nail polishes of 2021.

1. 'Parasol'
A best-seller from it's initial release in our Spring 2021 Vintage Garden collection, 'Parasol' has proven to be a fan favorite throughout the year! It's incredibly wearable in every season and it's neutral tones lead it to pair with just about any wardrobe. 

BLUSH Lacquers Parasol Beckie 1
Photo Credit: @fortheloveofcremes

2. 'Horizon'
Originally released in the Fall of 2019 in our Dusk Cremes collection, 'Horizon' continues to delight BLUSH fans all around. This dusty coral pink gives us all the vintage vibes while being flattering on a variety of skin tones.

BLUSH Lacquers Horizon Trisha 1
Photo Credit: @thepolishedmage

3.'Mai Tai'
It's no surprise to see a yellow in this line-up, after all, one of 2021's Pantone colors of the year was a shade of yellow! 'Mai Tai' is the perfect shade to brighten up your day whether you're sitting on the beach or just sitting on the couch.

BLUSH Lacquers Mai Tai Beckie 1
Photo Credit: @fortheloveofcremes

4. 'Morning Glory'
We love the elegant simplicity of luxurious gold flakes against a dusty slate blue background and apparently our fans love it too! 'Morning Glory' is the perfect shade of "classy with a twist" and sure to make a lovely addition to your nail polish collection.

BLUSH Lacquers Morning Glory Amanda 1
Photo Credit: @rainbow3hair

5. 'Heirloom'
The 3rd shade from our Vintage Garden collection to make it into the Top 5 Nail Polishes of 2021 is 'Heirloom'. This rosy gold flake filled shade is practically perfect in every way and an excellent companion to 'Horizon'.

BLUSH Lacquers Heirloom
Photo Credit: @rainbow3hair

What do you think of our Top 5 Nail Polishes of 2021?

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