The Inspiration Behind The Upcoming Storybook Collection

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on October 27 2021

Photo Credit: Roman Kraft via Unsplash

Hey Beauties!

October is almost over and you know what that means - a new collection will be releasing at the beginning of next month! Today, I'm excited to share with you a little inspiration behind the upcoming Storybook collection.

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The Storybook collection was inspired by an amalgamation of a few of my favorite fairy tales. You'll see references to 'Cinderella', 'Snow White', 'Beauty & The Beast' and others. Stories are a great way to share the human emotion and experience. I've always loved reading and fairy tales have long been a favorite of mine whisking me away to faraway lands and loves that conquer all evil.

Photo Credit: Mihaly Koles via Unsplash

With this collection, I really wanted to bring out some of those darker fall and winter colors. Looking through our collection of BLUSH polishes, I really felt that our dark and vampy color selection was lacking. I incorporated deeper reds, greens and a really lovely blue-violet that might just become my new favorite this season!

Photo Credit: Cederic Vandenberghe via Unsplash

Furthermore, I decided to go with a creme finish for this collection - with one surprise topper polish! Cremes are a great go-to for any season, but I feel like they are especially great in fall and winter. They go with any ensemble and a make great base for nail art designs. Plus, the matte finish look is a personal favorite of mine in this season and cremes look great glossy or matte!

Photo Credit: Austin Wade via Unsplash

But what about the surprise topper? Well, look into the magic mirror for a clue! I won't spoil it yet, but it will definitely add a bit of enchantment to your nails this season!

Shop the new Storybook Collection here!

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