Meet The New Valentine's Day 2023 Collection + Surprise Releases!

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on February 03 2023

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Hey Beauties!

It’s finally February and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We’ve finished up our pre-order for our new Valentine’s Day 2023 release and that means that our Valentine’s Day collection is officially here and in stock! Let’s meet all the new polishes and cuticle balm scents!


BLUSH Lacquers Bésame Nail Polish Swatch


If you love hot pink, you’ll love ‘Bésame’! It’s probably my favorite of the collection and it’s because it’s just so shockingly pink and stunning! The shimmer running throughout it just sparkles and I don’t want to take my eyes off of it. I feel like it’s the ultimate Valentine’s Day pink, but of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it all year long! (Pantone did say that this year’s color was magenta, and this beauty falls right into that category! Read more here.)

Sexy Stiletto

BLUSH Lacquers Sexy Stiletto Nail Polish Swatch

I had to add in a black polish for this Valentine’s Day collection because it reminds me of the quintessential “little black dress”. And, if you aren’t wearing anything black for Valentine’s Day, it makes a nice neutral to wear with all of your red and pink attire. Plus, black nail polishes just scream sexy to me. I find them to be both seductive and mysterious making it a perfect nail polish for Valentine’s Day.

Sweet Dreams

BLUSH Lacquers Sweet Dreams Nail Polish Swatch

Sweet Dreams are made of this nail polish! (And also, I won’t lie, everytime I talk about this polish, I instantly hear the Eurythmics singing Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) and I can’t get it out of my head, but I kind of don’t mind.) Anyways, I knew I had a dazzling pink and I really wanted to counter that with a rich and equally dazzling purple. I wanted this collection to feel really bright and punchy with the colors and so I created this decadent royal purple that beautifully accents the red flakes and pink shimmer.


BLUSH Lacquers XOXO Nail Polish Swatch

So, I have a confession, ‘XOXO’ is just the shimmer and flakie pigments used in the other polishes, except that it’s in a clear base. You see, I LOVE this shimmer pigment and these flakies and I’ve always wanted to put them together in a clear base and have them just as a nail polish by itself. The problem is, when I create nail polishes, sometimes I get really in my head and start worrying that what I’m creating isn’t enough. As in, “Well, it’s not enough to just make this polish with a clear base, it needs to have some kind of base color or other element to it.” It almost feels like I’m cheating. But then I threw all that out the window and told myself, “You’ve always wanted to make this nail polish and you always get worried it’s not good enough on it’s own, but you need to just make it because that’s what you want to do and not worry about what anyone else thinks of it.” And so I did. And I love it. And I hope you love it too and the little pep talk right there because sometimes we all need to hear that. (By the way, if the pre-order is any indication, you all seem to love it as much as me!)

While ‘XOXO’ has a clear base, it does get fully opaque in about 2-3 coats (that’s how I’m wearing it in the photos). I love how it looks like this, just on its own. However, since it does have a clear base, you can wear it as a topper over other colors too! The shimmer and flakies are pretty dense, so you will get a heavy dose of shimmer and flakie if you wear it as a topper over another nail polish (I’m not complaining!).

Blushed Cocoa Cuticle Balm

BLUSH Lacquers Blushed Cocoa Cuticle Balm

If this scent doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day, I don’t know what does! There’s a strong scent of chocolate covered strawberries followed up by hot cocoa and a creamy layer of whipped buttercream. It reminds me of a box of assorted chocolates and buttercream covered sugar cookies.

Raw Sugar & Mint Cuticle Balm

BLUSH Lacquers Raw Sugar & Mint Cuticle Balm

This one has been a best-seller during the pre-order and for me, it’s a bit of a unique scent. I get the peppermint and spearmint notes first followed by a sweet sugary scent. It’s relaxing, soothing and great for taking some time to pamper yourself and have a little spa day for your nails.

Sugared Berries & Whipped Cream Cuticle Balm

BLUSH Lacquers Sugared Berries & Whipped Cream Cuticle Balm

Of all of the new scents, this one is truly my favorite! It reminds me of some kind of late 90’s - early 2000’s Victoria’s Secret scent. I’m not sure which one because I haven’t been in a Victoria’s Secret in forever, but I definitely get those kinds of sexy sweet vibes from it. There is a strong sweet berry and cotton candy note with something that smells sexy that I can’t really name. Maybe it’s the vanilla from the whipped cream note? Not sure, but this will be my go to cuticle balm scent for probably a while and maybe longer. 

A Special Surprise!

I know you probably came to this post saying, “I know she’s just going to talk about these nail polishes and cuticle balms that she’s already been talking about for two weeks now, what more could she possibly have to say about them?” And that’s true, but I decided to work in a little surprise for all of you that humored me.

I’ve got two special nail polishes that we are releasing today with our Valentine’s Day 2023 collection. They are not technically a part of the collection, but they would make great Valentine’s Day nail polishes and I wanted to include them. They are both nail polishes that were going to be released through a nail polish collaboration and never were. I have given them out a couple of times as mystery nail polishes, but they have never had their own actual releases on our site. I love them and felt like it was finally time to give them an official release of their own.

Got any guesses on what these nail polishes could be?

(Insert Jeopardy song while you think.)




Time’s up! Introducing…

Heart’s Desire

BLUSH Lacquers Heart's Desire Nail Polish

This nail polish was formally named ‘Bump Bump’. If you received it as a mystery polish in a grab bag, it will have the name ‘Bump Bump’. I decided to rename it ‘Heart’s Desire’ because it’s a lovely shade of rusty red-brown and fits perfectly as a Valentine’s Day nail polish. Fun fact about this nail polish. It is a sister polish to a very popular nail polish called ‘Under Pressure’ that we released for a nail polish collaboration. We are unable to re-release ‘Under Pressure’ due to contracts we have, but since ‘Bump Bump’/’Heart’s Desire’ was never actually released, I’m making it available here at BLUSH!


BLUSH Lacquers Epiphany Nail Polish

Epiphany’ was the nail polish that almost was. It almost got released through a nail polish collaboration, and then didn’t. But that’s ok, because I love this amazing shade of blurple. I somehow got right in the middle of blue and purple and it’s gorgeous. Combined with a dash of luxurious gold flake, it’s a true eye catcher. I’m hoping someday to do a whole collection based off of this polish where I do bright shades like this mixed with these lovely gold flakes. This nail polish was also given away in some mystery polish grab bags (under the same name), but has never had a proper release until now.

What do you think of our new releases? Comment below to let us know!

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