Sweet Scallop Look For Valentine's Day 2022

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on February 02 2022

Hey Beauties!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I've created a sweet scallop look just for the occasion!

I'm not much of a nail art person. I love nail art, but when it comes to actually doing nail art on my own fingers, I'm not the greatest. So, I need something super easy. If you're like me, this easy nail art look will be right up your alley!

Meet the Sweet Scallop design for Valentine's Day 2022:

BLUSH Lacquers Sweet Scallop Valentine's Day Look Full Hand

To achieve this look, I started with clean nails and added a base coat. After the base coat I did 2 coats of 'Venetian Blinds'. Depending on your application style, you may be able to do just one coat.

Next, you'll want to make sure that your nails are almost completely dry. You're going to be painting on top of the white color and you don't want the white to mix in with your next shade. I check the dryness of my nail polish by gently tapping the polished nail with my finger. If any nail polish comes off on the nail or the finger I used to tap my nail with, it hasn't dried enough. Wait a little longer and then move on to the next step when you are confident the polish won't smear or blend in with the first color.

For this look, I chose 'Attraction', but you can use any shade you'd like as long as it gives a nice contrasting look to the white. I really liked the contrast between the stark white and the sparkling metallic pink for this look.

BLUSH Lacquers Sweet Scallop Design For Valentines Day Thumb Macro

With 'Attraction' I did three swipes on my nail. The first swipe went about halfway down my nail on the right side. The second swipe, or middle swipe, I did just a little shorter than the first one. The last swipe was the shortest one and on the far left.

Our brushes work perfectly for this look because they have a curved tip. If you are working with a nail polish brand that uses flat tipped brushes you may need to fuss a little with getting a curved look to each swipe. It is not impossible, but may take a little more effort to achieve this look.

BLUSH Lacquers Sweet Scallop Valentine's Day Look Finger Macro

Once you've completed your first layer of 'Attraction' you'll want to make sure that it dries almost completely again. This look can be a little time consuming because you'll want to make sure the layers dry before applying the next layer to avoid the polishes mixing on the nail.

When dry, you'll repeat the process that you did with 'Attraction' again with 'Venetian Blinds'. This time, you'll go even less down the nail (maybe 1/4 or 1/3 of the way down the nail on the first swipe). You'll want to make sure to leave enough space so that you can see a good amount of the contrasting color while still achieving a scallop design.

When the last layer has completely dried, top off with your favorite top coat and voilà! You're sweet scallop look is completed for Valentine's Day!

BLUSH Lacquers Sweet Scallop Look For Valentines Day 2022

What do you think about this look? Would you like to see more simple and easy nail art looks?

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