Easy Patriotic Summer Nails

Written by Victoria McMillin


Posted on August 14 2022

Hey Beauties!

Whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July or just wanting a festive patriotic look for your next summer manicure, this easy skittle mani has it all! Let's take a look!

BLUSH Lacquers Yacht Club Collection in an easy patriotic summer manicure

First off, you know I love a good skittle mani. For me, it's getting to wear as many different colors as possible while still looking like I created the design purposefully and not like a chaotic random mess of colors put together. I often design collections that work well for skittle manicures because I like the cohesiveness of the color schemes and their versatility in design. I used most of the Yacht Club collection in this manicure for that reason. While each color is gorgeous on it's own, I really love seeing them all together like this!

Secondly, I love red, white and blue manicures, and this one is especially top-notch. It's not just a bright red, a bright blue, a bright white, but a lovely mix of a bright classic red, a sparkling off-white and three varying shades of blue. There's a nice sophisticated and timeless quality to it that really takes red, white and blue to the next level.

BLUSH Lacquers Dock of the Bay

One of my favorite nail polish ingredients are the gold flakes that are in this collection. They add a touch of class and bling to the polishes and pair particularly well with the red, white and blue color palette. I mean, just look at them pop against that juicy red! But, if gold flakes aren't your thing, it also has a gorgeous off-white holographic.

BLUSH Lacquers Just Cruising

If you are new to the indie nail polish world, you may not know that white holographic polishes are pretty much impossible to make. That is because the holographic pigment used to make holographic polishes has a grey-toned base color. So, you can't just add white pigment to the holographic pigment and get a white holographic polish. You are basically starting with a grey base and even if you add a lot of white to it (which you can do), it inevitably dulls the holographic effect and makes the polish much less sparkly. 'Just Cruising' was my experiment to see how close to a white holographic nail polish I could get without losing the holographic sparkle. I think it's awfully pretty, but don't take my word for it! (That one's for all the Reading Rainbow fans out there!)

To recreate this manicure, start with properly prepped nails and a good base coat applied to all nails. Paint two coats of 'Dock Of The Bay' on the thumb. Two coats of 'Just Cruising' on the index finger. Two coats of 'Skipper' on the middle finger. Two coats of 'Regatta' on the ring finger and two coats of 'Anchors Aweigh' on the pinky finger. Finish by topping all finger with your favorite glossy top coat.

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    Love the patriotic manicure! Very classy looking nail art.

    Posted by Chris Kotrodimos | August 16, 2022
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